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Amino Spot 

Amino Spot  Technical Data Sheet           ®Amino Spot ® Registered Trademark for Keymanda for Fertilizers  ®Amino Spot  is a liquid fertilizer containing , Amino Acids , sea weed extract and Macro Elements   Chemical Composition The Percentage Ingredient 4% Free Amino Acids 3% Seaweed Extract 5% Carboxylic Acids 2% Polysaccharide 8% N 8% P […]

Humita 25

Humita 25 Technical  Data Sheet                ®Humita ® Registered Trademark for Keymanda for fertilizers  ®Humita Organic fertilizer in liquid form based on Humic and fulvic acid improves the chemical, and biological properties of  the soil Increases soil fertility Alternative to traditional organic fertilizer (manure, …..) It works to improve and increase the plant metabolism […]


Amino Top Technical Data sheet          ®Amino Top ® Registered Trademark for Keymanda for fertilizers  ®Amino Top  is a liquid organic fertilizer containing Amino Acids, Iron, Manganese, magnesium , molybdenum , sulfur  and Zinc. The process extracts from the organic matter and low molecular weight peptide and polysaccharide   Chemical composition The percentage Ingredient […]

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